Mooi River Enduro Race Information.

The Mooi River Enduro this weekend:  Saturday the 22nd of July 2017.


New Start time:      10:00am

GPS Co-Ords:          -29.1133810,    29.9749900

Enter at :


Required          2.5kg Fire Extinguisher

Environmat on which to refuel

Action              Please take all rubbish home with you.


Attached is a track report for the upcoming WFO.

To Be held At: Griffon Hill, just outside Mooi River in the KZN Midlands.

To get to the venue, riders travelling from PMB will travel through the Mooi River Toll, and they will take the first off ramp thereafter, turning right and going under the freeway. It will be marked from the off ramp. We will also mark from the JHB side as well for our upcountry riders. From the freeway the venue is approx 1o minutes away.

We are riding from the farm belonging to Roy Caldecot. Roy has been generous to allow us this opportunity, although he thinks we a bit mad when he sees the parts of his farm we have chosen to ride on. It is not often that we get the chance to ride on virgin territory, so please resect this privilege, and give Roy a big “thank you”, if you are presented with an opportunity to do so.

The beauty with riding virgin territory is that none of you know what you are going to ride. It is a fantastic course that has been designed by Andrew Keane (Honorary WFO Member), Gordon Odell and Noel Bradley. 3 guys who know this area well, and who have spent months riding this farm to make sure that you are delivered an absolute treat of a course. And they delivered exactly that.

The track:

In brief we have a track of 2 halves.

The route starts with some nice flowing riding through a forest section before dropping down into a little valley. You are only a couple kilometres in before you have your first encounter with a nice rocky section. Most people will think, and rightly so, that the Midland Town of Mooi River is an area full of dairy farms, with lush fresh lucerne as ground topping. You would be within reason to question where one would find rocks in Mooi River. The answer is simple. Roy farms them. He grows them from small to obnoxiously large, and they love what he feeds them because there are aplenty. I digress. The first rock section is simply there to slow you down a bit and make sure your heart is working properly. It doesn’t last too long, before you get a chance to breathe easily with an open section and a mud pool that may get longer (and deeper) the more riders go through.

This really is an opportunity to make sure you are enjoying yourself, relaxed, and in a good rhythm, because things are about to get a bit tough, in true WFO fashion. You are about to enter “Drews Diner”. The link to Erzbergs’ famous Carls Diner (thats Diner, not Dinner) is on purpose. The next approx 4 kilometres may take a while to get through. It starts with a long up hill climb, that on the face of it looks like a normal hill climb. As you get closer you begin to realise that it is literally littered with rocks. We are sure that a discernible line will develop once the first few riders have decided which is the best line to follow, making it a lot easier for the rest of you to follow. The climb to to the top zig zags across the side of the hill, drops back on itself, goes up and down, etc… you know the deal… and one may be forgiven for thinking that when you reach the top, that you can at least rest. Rest assured there is no rest…. apart from a couple 100m.

Drews’ Diner continues as you drop down clutch plate alley (please make sure you have clutch cover protection – I didn’t and learn’t the hard way), before working your way along an off camber section, that for some, may necessitate a small walk next to your bike. After this, is a challenging (for me anyway) climb, out of what you have just dropped into. This is a technical climb out that requires a few switchbacks to get to the top, and maybe a pivot or two to make things a bit easier. Again, I am sure that once the first few riders have gone through, the best line will be easily identified, and this will make it a lot easier going. By all means take a breather at the top of this climb, you will have deserved it. This will also be an awesome spectator point as it is relatively close to the pits. We hope to have some music playing to keep you going.

Thereafter, our version of Belakomo awaits you as you drop down another rocky section that may once again require some riders to dismount for peace of mind. It is not very long and once out at the bottom, you are done with the rocks for a while at least.

I don’t know the exact calculations, (read – “I was too tired too look”)  but at this stage you are probably 10km in to the loop, and the course begins to open up. A truly awesome section of riding awaits you as you start to climb back up the mountain. This is like real Lesotho riding. You follow a cattle path as it works its way up and to the foot hill of the next climb. It is a section that can be ridden quite quickly as momentum will favour the brave. The final step out of this valley is a somewhat slippery, somewhat steep climb, that whist challenging can be dealt with, in a couple of minutes. HINT – there is a cattle path toward the top that just makes it so much easier.


From hereon the track rewards you for doing so well up to this point with some relatively open spaces to ride. You will see your challenge across the valley as you make your way toward the escarpment. In your journey back to the pits you will encounter a few more rock sections, 1 or 2 steep downhills, a lovely hill climb, and some traditional veld riding. You will also encounter a climb up a river bed that you may want to go back and do again because you enjoyed it so much.


The track was designed in such a way that most of the really hard stuff is done and dusted in the first half of the loop. That way, when you come back to the pits you may have forgotten what you had to go through and will gladly go and do it all over again.


We  have had an absolute blast setting this course, and really hope you will enjoy it. There is no doubt that for the average riders it will be challenging, but  that is why we do this crazy sport. For the top riders we are sure that you will enjoy the course, It won’t be as challenging for you, as it is for “back of the pack” riders like me, but it is one of those courses that will tire you when you ride it hard. It will measure your state of fitness, or lack thereof, and will make you question your suspension settings.


For most average riders, this is a track not to be missed. If you are a weekend warrior, bring your mate and challenge him (or her) to get the finish next to you. If you help each other along the way, well that is what makes the sport so good. If you are training for Roof, then without a doubt this is a track that you should be doing. To ride the rocks under time pressure is a valuable training tool that you cannot leave out of your training program.


If you can’t ride then come watch, as Drews Diner is not far from the pits, and to watch the talent that we have in KZN climb this section will be fantastic. Then next year you ride it….


We have loaded a video to you tube at which reflects the last climb out of Drews Diner. We hope to have another one up in a day or two giving you a general perception of the track. If you keep an eye on my channel you will see it with in the next few days.


We hope to see you on the 22nd. Bring your mates to ride with you. Bring your family to support you and bring your wife (or girlfriend – or both, or your boyfriend,) to put your juice in at the pits. We would love too see them all.


Course Statistics:

The loop is approx 30 km long.

Terrain includes – Forest, Veld, rocky down hills, rocky uphills, rocky flat sections, rocky off cambers, cattle paths, small drops offs, small step ups, flowing single track, hill climbs, river beds and the mudhole,

Anticipated lap times – It is practically impossible to determine how quick or how slow you will take, to do a lap. The top riders will probably take; between an hour and 15 min to an hour and a half, and slow riders probably 3 hours, with the majority of you somewhere in between.



  1. This is a virgin course, in generally rocky terrain. We are doing what we can to make sure you are kept safe by keeping the speed down. Where possible and required, we will cut the grass so that the faster sections will have better visibility, but please do not leave the racing line unless you are 100% safe to do so.
  2. It is winter and it is very dry so be vigilant on the issue of fire. If your bike falls over, lets get it back up as quickly as possible. For those of you who love the sound of their 4 strokes please make sure they are tuned properly and not back firing as that spark can be dangerous in high fire danger areas.
  3. To just make it the most special ride, snow was mentioned for the week before the race, and well what can I say, that will be amazing. But, this is the weather and it will probably come to nought.


Thanks and look forward to seeing you on the 22nd.


Kind Regards

Allan Bolt
Labour Services



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Kind regards

Evonne Gallet
WFO Secretary
Cell: 0827137566

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